Korea a population of almost 80 million, with Buddhists constituting the majority; Korea has only around 10% are Catholics, or 8 million, but there is a very strong Christian community,

Although they have suffered severe persecutions because of their Christian faith, this made them stronger in their faith.

The Dominicans arrived in Korea in 1994 and currently have two houses in Seoul.

St. Dominic Convent

In the house, they receive the young people who want to be Dominicans and give them formation courses or host retreats. They also help in different parishes, promote the Lay Dominicans and other lay associations, collaborate with refugee assistance for those fleeing North Korea help handicapped people in institutional settings, and do pastoral work with immigrants from Vietnam.

Since the house is open every day for the celebrations of the Eucharist and Morning Prayer, some Christians join the celebrations every day. Currently 9 brothers are assigned to this house of these brothers, 2 are currently in doctoral studies, and 2 student brothers are studying in the local seminary.

Catalog P.59


This community was inaugurated in 2003. Fr. Luis Alberto Martin Rey passed away while he was working for the construction of this building. The original plan for this house was ‘novitiate house and pastoral center’. In 2003 and 2004, total 8 novices were trained in this place. Since the novitiate house of the Province moved to Hong-Kong, this community has dedicated to pastoral works, retreats, and Christian formation. In 2013, this house became a formation house for Korean aspirants. The promotion for the confraternity of the Holy Rosary and the Third Order of Saint Dominic became one important apostolate for this house, as well. 4 brothers engage in different pastoral work: retreats, pastoral work with the youth, and serving lay associations, benefactors, as well as the confraternities of the Rosary. One of the brothers is studying for a doctorate in theology. Like the other house, this one is also open for celebrations of the Eucharist and Morning Prayer, and some Christians join these celebrations every day. 

Ansan House 2