The mission of Timor leste was started by the Portuguese Dominicans in 1556. This first stage of the Dominican presence ended in 1800 with the confiscation of the Religious Orders in Portugal. I regrowed the Province of Rosario in early 2013 with the sending of two brothers. At the end of 2013 there were already 5 brothers and in 2014 they began to accept aspirants. In January 2015, they were the first two aspirants to Hong Kong where they began their novitiate in the month of July.

At this time the brothers work in two houses, one in the capital temporarily ceded by the Dominican Sisters of the Rosary and another in Hato-Udo, a parish of the diocese in the south of the island.


Rua Mirleu, Hatudo Vila, Ainaro.

The Dominicans arrived here in April 2013 sent by the Bishop of the diocese of Dili to help in the parish of Our Lady of Lurde de Hato-Udo. The house where we reside is from the diocese and the mission also has a preschool and primary school.