Singapore is a small state in Asia of more than 5 million people, with a mixed population of Chinese, Malay and Indians. It is a city state where around 40% of the population are Buddhist and 6% are Catholics, making Catholics less than half a million people in the city.

The presence of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary in Singapore started on January 6, 2000 with the arrival of 2 brothers.

In October 2000 the Province bought a house, and this house has served as a training house for aspirants who came from several Asian countries: Singapore, the Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, China and East Timor. There have also been several groups from South Korea studying English there before joining the Hong Kong pre-novitiate.

Our apostolate in Singapore currently comprises only two brothers, but these brothers serve the needs of the local Church, offering Masses, preaching, retreats, confessions, talks, theology classes in the Seminary and pastoral center, spiritual direction, etc., helping in the parishes every weekend and Sunday, as well as engaging in prison ministry.

There is a well-prepared Lay Dominican group. The house is open daily forcelebrations of the Eucharist and Morning Prayer, and some Christians join the celebration every day.

Address: 51, Kensington Road, Singapore 557285