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Renewal of the simple profession and the institution to the ministries of Acolyte and Readers

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On May 15, during the conventual mass at the Priory of St. Albert, we witness the renewal of the simple profession and the institution to the ministries of Acolyte and Readers of Fray Martin and Fray Gregory. The Prior Provincial presided the conventual mass and before the right he addressed the brothers as follows: 

         We are called to be holy and that was our commitment when we made the simple profession. Furthermore, we undertook the responsibility of letting our lives be characterized by love and by bearing witness in everything we do. As you are about to renew your religious profession and receive the ministries of Reader and Acolyte I wish you a commitment to the service that this call implies and a strong faith in the Word. 

         There are many ways of bearing witness but we should remember that we do not belong completely to ourselves. Christ´s ministers cannot isolate themselves from the people. Thus, let everything in you and in your service be opened to God. Remember that you are to proclaim the Word of God and to serve at the altar in the Eucharist where Jesus makes himself present through his Word and in the gift of himself.  

At the last provincial chapter, we saw the urgency to clarify the concept of mission, so essential to our identity. A clear understanding and interpretation of this charism will favor fraternal relations among us and help in the renewal of the missionary charism that we profess. We cannot remain indifferent to the challenge of preaching and evangelization. God has called you to embrace and discern this cause with generosity in a total self-giving. 

Be courageous in your mission, steadfast in commitment and authentic in your faith as expression of your love for Him who has called you and assures you of his constant support through the gift grace. Before we were created he knew us and allowed us to come to existence. Can you imagine a greater sign of the Father´s love? Such generosity, love and alliance require from you a generous answer in freedom and the determination to remain his own till death.