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Myanmar: Priestly Ordination of Fr. Abraham Ning Ki Gei, OP

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November 28, 2020, was a very lovely and bright Saturday in our parish Church. The Liturgy for the priestly ordination of Fr. AbrahamNing Ki Gei began at 6:30 am, in Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, Nwalawo Parish, Kayah State, Myanmar.

After more than one year as a deacon, the candidate was prepared for the ordination. The preparation for the priestly ordination for Fr. Abraham was a challenge. There was an effort for having the ordination in Yangon but unfortunately, it was impossible to carry out it there due to scheduling difficulties. Consequently, there was an arrangement for the candidate to get ordained in Loikaw by the Most revered Bishop Stephen Tjephe who willingly accepted the proposal for the ordination. Afterwards, Br. Abraham had to go through quarantine for two weeks following by one week of retreat and examination for hearing confession.

Dominican sisters of Missionera and of Blessed Imelda, together with our ten aspirants were great help with many details within the community and Church. The Nwalawo parish council members and other associates in the parish contributed also in volunteering and contributing to foods and drinks. The generosity and love of people were magnificent.

Though the ordination ceremony was supposed to be a private celebration with 50 participants; the celebration of ordination was attended by 80 faithful. There were eight co-celebrant priests. Due to the pandemic, the parents were not able to witness and be present, however about thirty relatives including the stepbrother of Fr. Abraham were present to accompany him. The celebration was solemnly filled with the love and thankfulness of those present. Before the final blessing, the new priest said few words of gratitude quoting the passage in the Holy Scripture which refers to the incident of Abraham and his son Isaac in the Old Testament. The fact that everything was available for offering except the victim was a driving point for Fr. Abraham.  Feeling somehow lonely due to the absence of the new priest’s parent and close relatives, he was gladdened by the fact that some relatives of his stepbrother, who are settled in Kayah state, were present. The consoling words of Abraham to his son Isaac, “God will provide” fit with the situation of the newly ordained.  The liturgical was splendid. The Mass ended at 8:45 am and we had breakfast for those that attended the ceremony.

The pandemic circumstances could not stop us from doing what should be done and carrying on the preaching of the Kingdom of God. We have a new priest to the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary and for that reason “we praise God, we bless Him and we preach Him to all nations” as long as the world stands.

By Fr. John Sui, OP.