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General Chapter: Work continues in Vietnam.

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In the afternoon of July 9, Fr. José Luís Mediavilla, OP., Syndic of the Order presented the economic report of the Order. It was a detailed presentation of the statutes of the finances of the Order. It was clearly stated the sources and the needs for a continuous support from the different provinces.  

At 17:00 the capitulars meet in a Plenary assembly to put together the reaction of the different linguistic groups to the Relatio presented by the Master of the Order. 

On July 10, the members of the General Chapter met by commissions to explore the work to be undertaken and elect the secretary of each commission at 9:00 a.m. There were meeting by linguistic groups to propose candidates for the office of the next Master of the Order at 10:30. In the afternoon, all the assembly held the second meeting of the commissions to continue with the work that is to be done at 15:30. And the day finalized with a meeting of regional groups to continue discussing about possible candidates to be elected to the office of Master of the Order.