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The Socius of the Master of the Order for the Intellectual Life, visited the Priory in Macau

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Fr. Pablo Sicouly, Socius of the Master of the Order for the Intellectual Life, visited the Dominican students if the Priory of Macau from  5 to 7 of January. The occasion was also propitious for him to meet the entire Dominican Family in Macau. It was an extraordinary gathering at St Paul School in the afternoon of January 6, Epiphany Sunday. 

The program consisted of three parts. In the first one, a lecture on “The Challenges of Dominican Study” delivered by Fr Pablo. He based the talk on the first part of the Ratio Studiorum Generalis. Then a friendly dialogue followed between the Socius and the participants. Some student brothers and Sisters had the opportunity to share with the socius their experiences and doubts about the institutional study. Fr Pablo answered from his own experience and current position to the points in questions; and he ended up encouraging all the Students to cultivate the habit of study, something essential for a Dominican. After the academic part, the participants moved to the Chapel of the School to pray Vespers together. 

The last part of the program took the form of social gathering. Having dinner together is another way of sharing. In blessing the food we prayed that “partaking from the same table may help us grow always in brotherhood.” Indeed the agape dinner was the way for us, Dominicans, to share our brotherly and sisterly love as one family in Christ Jesus. 

Fr Pablo left for Hong Kong in the afternoon of January 7. Since it was his first time in Macau, he treasured a lot of memories of persons and places. One thing that impressed him was the joyful and harmonious community life lived at St Dominic’s Priory. He enjoyed also his visits to the University of St Joseph, to St Dominic’s church and the other emblematic places Macau offers to visitors. We thanked Fr Pablo for his visit. 

By Br. Stephen Saw Lej Kapaw Htoo, OP, and Br. Andre Pereira, OP

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