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Vicariate of Venezuela in canonical visitation

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Fr. Bonifacio Solís García, OP, Prior Provincial and Fr. José Ángel López Legido, OP visit our vicariate in Venezuela. They were accompanied to visit all the houses and convents in our country by Fr. Kleyver García, OP, Vicar of the Provincial in Venezuela and Fr. José Gregorio Lobo Izquierdo, OP, Sindic of the vicariate.

Fr. Provincial could perceive some weaknesses in our communities after listening all the brothers. He encouraged all of them to support each other in these difficult and precarious times in Venezuela. He was greatly concerned about the economic difficulties that the different communities are going through.

In the same way, taking advantage of the occasion, it motivated the brothers to strengthen community life; to promote a greater relationship between the different communities, especially those that are geographically closer, sharing in a more intense way the difficulties, the jobs, the joys and frustrations that can occur in fraternal life.

He also encouraged the brothers to be strong at this time and never to lose hope, to continue with vehemence the pastoral work, and to recognize the importance of supporting from each of the communities the vocational work, in which the future of the Order in the country, in Venezuela.

By Fr. Martín Contreras, O.P.

(adapted translation of the original text into English by MF)