Martyrs of Our Province

WITNESSES OF THE FAITH: Retracing the history of the Province through the martyrdom of her sons.

The long and glorious history of the Dominican Province of Our Lady of the Rosary is replete with pages of heroism, holiness and generosity to the Gospel not only of the countless friars who had left their motherland to preach the Gospel to non-believers, but also of the many indigenous friars who had joined them in their missionary work and the Christian faithful who were their faithful collaborators and helpers.

A Province of witness, the mother of martyrs

As of 2016, the 800 anniversary of the confirmation of ther Order, the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary has a total of 109 friars raised to the glory of the altars: martyrs all who had given their lives for the cause of the Gospel, of which fifty-seven (57) had been solemnly canonized and 41 beatified. Our Province has given the Church and the Order a great number of martyrs throughout her long history and thus earning the coveted title of “Mother of Martyrs”.

Each group of martyrs whether beatified or canonized relate to us the history of the Churches where the Province had worked.

Their selfless sacrifice not only left a priceless legacy to the Church and to the order but also a great tradition for the young to follow. They serve as models of our commitment to the Gospel and an inspiration for the emerging Churches where the Province continue to serve.

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